Stop Wasting Money!

America, stop wasting money! 71% of Americans say they didn’t like a gift they got this holiday season. Considering Americans spend about a trillion dollars per year on gifts, that means that we are wasting nearly 700 billion dollars each year on gifts we don’t want! Now we can change that, with Wishworks.

Only Wishworks combines the benefits of online shopping and social media into one usable interface. Wishworks lets the user pick the exact gift they want, including the size and color, from Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy’s online stores, while letting the user compare the prices of each vendor. The user then sends their list out to their friends, who each reserve the gift they want to buy to avoid multiple people buying the same gift. From there, the user’s friends can buy the gift right on the app. Wishworks is also remarkably easy to use, letting first time users sign up using Facebook and having a very user-friendly interface. The app debuted on the app store a couple months ago, and is already developing a following.

The idea behind Wishworks is simple: combine social media and online shopping into one app that allows you to get the exact gifts you want at the prices your friends need. With Wishworks, there are none of the long lines, tough decisions, or wasteful expenditures that usually characterize gift shopping. So stop wasting time and money, and start enjoying your gifts. They used to say you can’t always get what you want. They were wrong.

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