Making Mom’s Life Easier: Holiday Shopping In Under An Hour


When it comes to holiday shopping for four kids, I’ve got it covered. I bet you weren’t expecting to hear that. You’re probably picturing me running out to the mall at the last minute, frantically going from store to store in hopes of nabbing just the right presents for them. That’s not me anymore. There’s an app that has made my life so much easier when it comes to getting them gifts. It’s Wishworks! This new app has all but made my holiday shopping a one hour excursion. Plus, I can shop right from home online at night when all those little snooping eyes are asleep.

The Problem With Shopping For Teens

Just to give you a little background about my family, I have two girls and two boys. Three of them are teenagers, which brings on a whole other issue on gift giving. They have very specific needs, wants, and desires that are basically endless. That’s why the Wishworks apps is so cool for them. They can go on the app, tag everything they want from electronics to clothes and invite me to view their lists. It’s just that easy.
Now the little one is still pretty easy to buy for, she can tag all the dolls and toys she wants that are still way less expensive than everything my teens want. She’s my favorite at this point (wink, wink). Of course, all of my children are my favorites!

How To Download The Wishworks App

Here’s what you do to really reign in the time you’ll spend shopping like I did. Gather your whole gang together for a “family meeting” and have them download the app right on their smartphones or tablets. Of course, all my kids have their own smartphones now, so this is a piece of cake. They are always on those devices, so downloading an app is like second nature to them at this point.
I made it a little bit of a celebration while they downloaded the Wishworks app. We had hot chocolate, holiday cookies, and I put some music on to make the atmosphere festive. Then they sat around using the app and tagging everything they wanted. This was so easy to do. Plus, if they think of things to add on later, they can open up their lists anytime to put extra items on there. Since I’m tagged as their “friend” on the app, it will send any updates to me that they make. They were even able to send the lists to their grandparents, aunts, and uncles. I love this app! It truly makes gift-giving a social event.

Spread The Love With Wishworks

I didn’t limit this app to my kids either, I got right on the phone with my siblings so that my nieces and nephews could get the Wishworks app too. They were probably tired of me just getting them boring old gift cards each year, that I’m so excited I could splurge and get them things they truly have on their lists. This makes gift giving for all the relatives so much easier when it’s all listed right there on the app.
For example, my nephew Timmy is notoriously hard to buy for. He’s a bit of a tech nerd, (no offense Timmy!), so the app compares prices of these electronic items from Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. I’m glad I can get the best price for video games, tablets, and even headphones from Beats By Dre. What’s with these kids and their giant headphones now? Timmy would tell me it’s the sound quality of course. Whatever buddy, I’m just glad I can give him exactly what’s on his Wishworks list.

A True Time Saver

So back to the part about holiday shopping in under an hour. This is so true. I had about 10 people in total to shop for on my list. So here’s what I did. After the kids were asleep, I poured myself a big glass of wine, settled into my couch in front of a roaring fire, and I shopped. For everyone. It literally took about 55 minutes in total to get all of my holiday shopping done. Can you believe it? It truly was an ideal time saver that I’m definitely going to tell all my mommy friends about this Wishworks apps because it just makes the holiday shopping process a piece of cake.

Less Stress Around The Holidays

The holidays are already so stressful with everything you have to do as a mom for everyone. Not to mention that the kids have concerts and activities at school that they don’t even really have time to think about their holiday wishlists. With Wishworks, making up a “Santa’s wishlist” is easy to do. They had fun doing it and tagging everything they wanted. It was a snap!
Plus, I had a blast shopping online for them that now all I have to do is sit back and wait for everything to arrive. Now I just need an app to wrap all the presents! Wishworks can you help with that? Just kidding. I’ll make my husband do that. At least we’re past the stage where we have to build that Barbie Dream House. That was like an engineering project!

Wishworks Saves Holiday Shopping

This isn’t an overstatement. The time I saved around the holiday with Wishworks was truly a gift I gave myself as a mom. In past years trying to run from store to store in all that traffic was a huge nightmare. Now the app makes all that a thing of the past. Here are some other benefits of the Wishworks app you should know about.

– Never having to re-gift.
– You get reminders of your friends’ birthdays and they’ll see yours!
– Save money (comparison shop feature).
– Window shop everything you want.
– Takes the guesswork out of giving.
– Your info is private (Wishworks doesn’t sell data to 3rd parties).

To download the Wishworks app on your phone or tablet, you can do this via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android. No OS bias here! Either will work. This was perfect for my family because I have a Samsung phone, but my kids all just had to have Apple phones.

So what are you waiting for? Make your life easier this holiday season as a parent, so everyone will get exactly what they are looking for. Get the Wishworks app for the whole family today. Happy holidays!

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